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a question you may like to ask, `how to care for my timber furniture`? With the right care the hardwood furniture will age with beauty. The amount of care required by your furniture is directly related to the amount of exposure to the weather and the colour you wish to maintain. Of course, your furniture will stand up to the elements quite well, even if totally neglected! All that will happen is that the original colour will change to gray on the timber surface if the timber is left untreated. Maintenance is as easy as you like it to be, To preserve the original colour it should be protected from the elements, especially strong sun light and rain. You can preserve the furniture by any one or all of the following:

Most hardwoods will crack and harden with age if not particular care is taken. The look will change with age but the durability is extremely high. Under cover with the right treatment it will last centuarys.

We recommend to give your furniture a wipe with a timber oil depending on exposure to the weather every 6 to 18 month. If the surface of the timber has a rough feel, it is best to give it a quick hand sand with a sanding block and 120-240 Grit sandpaper followed by a recoat. By keeping the surface coating in good condition you minimise the possibility of splitting. Most splits are cosmetic and can be easily repaired with exterior wood filler.Dining Chairs




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